Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Layout of 36 blocks

Here is the layout as it stands so far. I have 36 blocks completed, but one isn't quite right.
As you can see the value of the second and third rounds are out of order. I need to do some ripping and straighten this out. I was watching a Netflix series and it was in the good part and I wasn't paying attention like I should have. I will rip this out when I stop for lunch. 

They don't look to bad for an amateur. I think I have some blues to close to each other and maybe some reds to. This will be a picture to get my head into the order in which they will be sewn. There will be no sashing between each of the blocks. Instead they will meet up. That way you get the effect of the lighter side as an alternative block where it comes together.

Did some picking up made homemade salad dressing and chocolate chip bars and two loads of laundry. So if i decide to sew all afternoon I won't feel guilty. Chris


Teresa Rawson said...

I really love your current project! I am a total sucker for anything like a log cabin block/project. I like them just running together without a sashing, just like you are doing. So beautiful and scrappy! Once my crazy summer is over and Riley is settled back in school, I have to get control of my scrap containers by piecing some scrappy projects. Two more long car trips, one to in-laws and one to a college, then she starts on Aug. 18. Then I go to the AQS Grand Rapids show to visit my music is traveling as much as me this summer, but not to the same places! Come on September!

Julierose said...

I L O V E your Courthouse Steps--it's looking better and better (if that is possible lol). I hardly ever rip out--bad girl, Julie!! Good for you...hugs, Julierose

Carol said...

Chris this is looking I said in previous comment...I may have to try this with my 4 patches....very striking