Sunday, August 3, 2014

On a mission

Well I hope to be. Wishful thinking. Let's put it this way I plan on trying to do some good in the next couple weeks. You ask so what is it? Well I plan on going on a fabric buying mission. I need fabric for sashing and backings and also neutrals.

I have plenty to piece with. I am tired of piles of blocks sitting here and nothing finished. I really need to try and get my rear in gear and get this mess cleaned up. I know I keep saying that and my plans get side railed, but with the roof expenses it was a couple tight months and no purchases were made.

I have three piles of blocks made that need a darker sashing fabric and I need some background fabric like 6 yards worth and I just put off that purchases. If I spend less than $20 for remnants or or fat quarters a month that is what I have been doing.

This morning I plan on making a list of colors and yardages for the three piles and when I get my check this month I plan on taking a trip to look. I have to drive about 45-60 miles to get to fabric or quilt shops. So I make it worth my while when going.

I will keep you posted when I get the mission completed. Chris

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