Sunday, August 17, 2014

Still prepping

Raw veggie cut for veggie and dip. I had to use my neighbors fridge. They were out of town and I had to call them and ask them if I could use it, but I knew it would be ok.

They have given me keys to their house and we go back and forth with them all the time. Good to have neighbors who have good relationships.

Next is the coleslaw and the tomato and cucumber salad. I need to figure out how I'm going to pack the car. Extra ice, salads, lawn chairs and coolers, Plus us all in my car. Oh yes gifts also. Could be a crowded car.

Next step is pick the cabbage out of the garden and peppers. The coleslaw weeps some and I try and make it just before I leave so it doesn't get to soggy  before you eat it.

Need a shower need a shower and then pack the car and get gas. Can't forget the camera. Well I'm off to get something more done. Like move the gifts closer to the door. Chris  

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