Saturday, August 9, 2014

Do you follow a certain quilt designer?

There are so many wonderful quilt designers now. With the Internet and also the printing of affordable books we have more information available than any other generation.

I like the colors of the times and also the more challenging the better, but so many do this too.

I like to read the blogs and books to see where the quilters are going with their craft. Many now are going towards the "Modern" movement while others are more traditional.

I have about three I really like to keep up with. One is Kim Diehl. I like her piecing and applique combination in her designs. Her designs meet my style of decorating and I try to look to her designs for inspiration.

The next ladies I really like to watch is Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins from Piece O' Cake Designs. They have a touch of whimsy that I like to use. Also their designs can be made into more traditional work with the changing of colors.

The last one is Marcia Hohn with  She has a ton of blocks available on her site. Many are traditional and others are original. If you ever want to do a sampler quilt this is your best website to find all the blocks you would ever use.

I also try and come up with traditional blocks and make a twist on them. Either with the fabric I use or the way they are connected together in a quilt top. So do you favor one designer over another? Chris  


Katie M. said...

Hi, Chris. Nice topic. I can't say I follow any one designer. I became aware of Marcia when I was active over on the quilting forum. I have EQ5 (never felt the need or desire to upgrade...) and I do a lot of my own block patterns in that. I do very little applique but I agree with you about Kim Diehl and Piece o'Cake - they seem to make simpler, easier to follow patterns.
Thanks for bringing up this topic. I will be looking to see what others have to add.

Jill said...

I also like Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins. Their quilts are bright and cheerful. They generously share their knowledge. I shall check out Marcia's website. You may like Erin Russek who designs for McCall's but also has her own website.