Thursday, August 14, 2014

Middle of August

This machine is sitting idol. Why? Who knows I guess I lost it again. I put in a lot of hours on it and now it is just there. Maybe I should move it off the table and use the table for other things. 

I have tops pieced, but not quilted. Why? Who knows. I just can't get things to the stage of completion. Not that I don't want to, but I just can't move beyond the piecing part. I think the big thing is that I am not happy with my machine quilting skills. I would like to be really a great machine quilter and I just can't find the abilities. I guess it is a skill level I will not ever achieve. 
I know my quilts will never be judged, but I would like some quality to them. My Personal opinion. And I feel we are the hardest on ourselves. I do ok, but I would like to do better. Part of the problem is devoting enough time to it. I do not have a big segment of time at any one time to sit and practice. 

These two tops are just a dent in the many in the process of waiting to be quilted. Plus my Mother has 22 waiting to be quilted. I think I have 17 waiting. So that is 46 total between the two of us. Now you see why my old machine sits idol. I need a finish and I have yet to sew at all this week. 

I had company yesterday and we worked in the yard. I went grocery shopping to get the rest of the supplies for the baby shower. Which is Sunday. Focused on getting that job done. Maybe today between laundry loads I can complete a few lines of quilting. Tomorrow Dr's appointment for my Mother. She is to the stage where she gets new glasses after her surgery. She doesn't like to pick out frames. 

Up early decided today I wouldn't fight with my bed. Yesterday I forced myself to stay in bed to get more rest and I was miserable. I was up at 3:30 am and now plan on going to the sewing room with good intentions.  We will see how far I get with my plans. Hope your goals are met today. Chris


Frog Quilter said...

We all start at the beginning and get better over time. You
Must push past the feeling of not good enough! Practice on charity tops or animal quilts(they will never tell you it's not good enough). They are all loved!!! Press forward. Do it.

Julierose said...

Frankly I hate to machine quilt other than in the ditch! And hand quilting sometimes--if you have a lot of seams like in my Sea Glass--is not good. So mostly I tie my quilts. With a few stabilizing lines of quilting. Whatever works I guess. BUT--I totally understand--I hate doing bindings too...hugs, Julierose