Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Last night

Last night I was not feeling the best. Though I was hurting I wanted to get something done. I pulled my adjustable table out of the sewing room and re-adjusted it to a lower heigth. I pulled out some empty tubs and a stack of fabric to cut up.

The stack was needed to be put away or cut up. So it got cut up. I can sit and cut. Some can't. I do not sit and cut when it comes to real long cuts, but this was fat quarter or smaller cuts. 

I made 2.5 inch strips and put them into the buckets. Also I cut 2 inch and 1.5 inch strips. Then decided some of them could be HST cuts and also 1 inch strips and 1.75 inches. So a variety got sliced up. Today I need to put this away because a little girl comes back today while Mommy goes to a Dr. appointment. I think we maybe will go shopping while she is gone. I need some groceries and she likes to shop. 

I got some tomatoes canned yesterday. So that process every few days will be going on. Suppose to be hot so stay cool today. Chris

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