Sunday, August 24, 2014

Good news sorta bad news

We now have wheels. Look out World she has a car. We found this at a rummage sale on Friday. She loves it. She figured out how to get in and out by herself, but the movement is going to be a learning skill to work on. She goes backwards and in circles and she loves it. It was worth the $7.50 we paid for it with the first smile. 

Bad news well sorta. My computer isn't worth fixing. I half way knew it wouldn't be. It is a Windows XP. So on the look out for a desktop computer and a wifi printer. I still have my laptop. 

Good news is I can free up some counter space in my sewing room and maybe move a machine over where the computer was and take down a table or move the table. But if I get a new computer than I have to move everything again because the computer cables are all there. 

Thinking maybe get a new laptop. Not sure of what to do. I need the printer though so that will be the first purchase and take my time thinking about the rest. The laptop I have is a Windows 7 and it is a couple years old. Still have lots of memory. Not sure enough about Windows 8 yet. I know some like it alot.  

Suppose to get really hot and humid today. I should can tomatoes and also clean and move my furniture in the living room. With the new chair it has a glider ottoman and it sticks out in the pathway. We walk through the house in the dark at night and I would hate to fall over it. So plans are to clean and move it. I should just do Fall house cleaning while I'm doing it and then it would be done. Not sure I'm ready for that though.

 Going in to sew a few more lines of quilting. Getting real close to having the center completed on this quilt. Then the dreaded borders. I never know how to quilt them. Chris


Katie M. said...

She's so cute! My g-kids rarely ever used the pedals - they wanted to just scoot it around with their feet...
I have found that when I'm not sure how I want to quilt a border... I lean toward just 'piano key' style quilting on them. that tends to blend with just about anything I've done in the center.

Julierose said...

I am thinking of putting my 2nd machine away and just setting up my qwuilting foot on my Helga (Viking!) and doing my bindings--no more excuses...just get them done!! Hugs, Julierose