Saturday, August 16, 2014

Baby Shower cooking

I got up at 3 am. Sewed for 2 hours which was a good feeling to get that much done. Now the cooking begins. This is one of my hot water bath caners. It is cooking smaller potatoes. I think i will get about 35 lbs. of potato salad made today.

18 hard boiled eggs are cooling. This will be all cut and added to the potatoes. 

This is the rest of the potatoes that will need to be cooked. I can only cook so many at a time. 

Cucumbers for a salad. I have tomatoes and onions to add to the salad. I still have to cut the cabbage from the garden and make coleslaw. I have made the dill dip and need to clean and cut up veggies for the dip. Not sure what I'm cooking for supper. Maybe just hamburgers. I'll check back later. Chris

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Jill said...

Home-cooked food tastes so delicious at showers. Lucky guests.