Monday, August 25, 2014

Hurry up to take your time.

Doesn't sound right, but I feel like I'm hurrying all the time. I need to slow down when sewing. I'm not running to put out a fire. The last few months I feel like I am on the run to get anything done.

Some days are not my own and I feel cheated. I find my goals are to event filled. Today I am going to stop and take a breath and slow myself down. Enjoying the process and not making it stressful seems more like a plan.

The next couple days are going to be busy, but I need to focus. Slow down and breath.   Chris

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Katie M. said...

you know what they say about "best laid plans..." Sometimes I think I get more accomplished if I just 'do it' rather than plan it. One time I actually planned an entire week, leaving plenty of time for interruption or things that 'pop up' and I don't think I got one thing accomplished that week...