Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Well She came

Autumn Grace came and she was full of it. She had just got up from a nap and her hair was everywhere.  I wanted to take her picture and she said no and shook her head no. Well Grandma got a picture anyway. 

This was taken as she was going by. She loves this bike cart we got. Her step-brother was riding the bike. 

Needless to say no more sewing was done. I did make two pizzas from scratch. They were devoured and enjoyed. Some was sent home because my son couldn't make it down. He is a First Responder /EMS  personnel and they had major accidents going on yesterday in his District. He had to work overtime. 

Today we have the A/C off, but I maybe will regret it. Ragweed is in the air and I can smell it. Not good for allergies. Laundry and some cleaning up need to be done then we will see what happens after that. 

We have this baby shower this weekend and I need to cook for it. Potato salad for 20 guests and also coleslaw and vegetables and dip. Then we have to drive 32 miles to get to it. The gift is done and wrapped. Well have a great day. Chris

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