Friday, August 29, 2014

What we have been doing for two days

 We put this French door in a couple years ago and decided it needed an awning over it. It glares on the TV when the sun is in the east and also to keep the rain off the door.
We worked on it for two days and as of this evening it is done. Jeff had a little accident with a piece of wood and the drill. I made the wood spin on the screw and it scraped his nose and smashed his nose, but it didn't get his glasses. He will survive, no broken nose as we first thought.

My Hibiscus is blooming like crazy so took a picture.

 My tomato vines are dying.
These are at the end of the shed and they are doing the same thing. 

This is all assembled and he put shingles on the roof of it like we put on the garage. Next year we will roof the house. Then it will all match. We have hand railings to go back up and then next Spring we will put lattice on the uprights on each side of the porch.

Two years ago we built this deck and ramp. Next year we plan on putting a roof over it also. Have to do this as we can afford it. Next month we need to replace two storm doors. That is a chunk of money because we have to have custom made sizes for the doors. Extra money of course. Hopefully we can sleep tonight we have done so much lately. Chris 

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