Sunday, August 31, 2014

Changes coming

See the garden. Well it is going away after everything is picked this season. I have vegetable gardened for 34 years and just tired of all the work. Canning and planting and weeding are not in my best interest anymore. Some season you get a bumper crop and others hardly anything. Yes it helps the grocery budget, but our eating habits have changed and we don't eat the same things we use to. Probably will have tomatoes and green pepper plants, but not all of the garden as it is now. 

Change is coming to my floors also. The ceramic tiles we put down about 3 years ago has all cracked. We used the adhesive they recommended and it was faulty. So the tiles shift. We really liked the color and the look, but if it doesn't hold up it isn't worth anything to us. 

We found this vinyl planks that simulate wood. It is waterproof so in front of doors it will hold up well. It is textured so it looks richer that some of the laminates on the market that are not waterproof. 

We are also putting it down in the bathrooms. My flooring is vinyl and it stains easy so this will stop the stain look. Jeff is talking about trying to start one of the projects today because it is suppose to be really hot out today. No work outside for sure.

I have some mending to do for a neighbor. So I can stay out of the mess of cutting planks for the bathroom. The bad thing is we have to take up the toilet to do this project. I have another bathroom so that isn't the issue it is just the mess of dealing with all the changes. Suppose to be Labor Day weekend so we are laboring. Chris


Katie M. said...

I used to love to garden. After I went back to work when all my kids started school, I stopped. When I joined the ranks of the unemployed, I again tried a small garden - my thumb has turned black! I'm still thinking about putting in some winter squash and see if I'm a little better there.
I really like the look of the wood (type) flooring. A few years ago, DH and I put tile in the dining and kitchen but they weren't the same tiles. The stuff we put in the kitchen was given to us by his brother and it's smooth and I hate it! It shows every small drop of water and drives me crazy. DH has offered to take it out and redo the kitchen, but it's so much work, I've decided to live with it!
Have a good day, Chris.

Exuberant Color said...

If you find out you miss the garden you could always go back to it the next year. Meanwhile if I had that nice patch of dirt I would be planting zinnias and cosmos.