Saturday, August 23, 2014

Cutting day

Today is another day that is not my own. Yes I have several a week that way. I'm up early and will probably do some quilting on the machine. Need to keep working on the HST's quilt. Getting closer.

I'm doing my Grandmother job today. I have been chosen to do the visitation for my Granddaughter to see her biological Mother. The court will not allow her to visit with her by herself. Which is good a this point. So not to have to pay an independent person we have to do it this way for now.

So today I plan on getting my cutting mat and a stack of fabric out and sit in the adjacent room and cut while they visit. Need to be busy doing something. This job needs doing and I can do this without being in her face all the time.

Storm is on the way and it is suppose to be really warm out today so inside is the only option. I need to pick tomatoes again, but almost to warm to get the stove going when it is so hot outside.

We have decided we need to rearrange the living room for the Fall. We put the chairs by the big window and the couch on the opposite side. I want to paint and yet I know that won't happen until after it cools off. Maybe Sunday I can clean and rearrange furniture.

I have been spending time on Pinterest and found so many quilts to put on my bucket list. Many don't have names or quilt designers they are vintage or antiques. Do you have a bucklist of quilts to make? Chris

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Katie M. said...

So sad when little ones are caught in the turmoil of adults. Being a 'constant' in her young life I'm sure is a huge factor in her growing up to be "well adjusted" (whatever that really means!)
I can't say I have a "bucket list" of quilts I'd like to do. I'd be happy to just use up some of my fabric at this point :-) I rarely buy new fabric because I'm determined to utilize what I have. Not to mention, I was in Hancock fabrics this past week and discovered I really don't care for the new prints... And here I was with a gift card in hand ready to buy. I walked out with just a couple yards of plain black...