Thursday, August 21, 2014

Still here

Today is another appointment for my Mother. I got up and decided to sew for awhile. I am still working on the HST's quilt to get it quilted. Loosing interest real fast at this point.

I really would like to go and buy fabric, but I would make choices that probably wouldn't appeal to me later. Impulse isn't always good with me. I have so many other things to do with out more fabric.

Gloomy out. Finally some rain. Weeks without is making things die back. The garden is showing stress and we dug potatoes last night. Almost a 5 gallon bucket full of yellow potatoes in one row. This was the early kind. We have one more row in our little garden and they can wait a little while to be dug.

Tomatoes are starting to ripen faster now. I think I have enough for a few more quarts. We have talked the last few mornings that we aren't sure if we want to do the garden next year. My husband after being sick for so long doesn't have the same taste for food he had before. All the things he liked he doesn't anymore. I think as we age food tastes different because of medicine and digestion. So we will scale back next year and one tomato plant and we can do that in a pot.

The usual house chores need to happen and also I need to do some shopping. Getting so I hate to go to the store. The prices always are going up. I need the necessities this time. It is suppose to rain off and on today so will wait to get somethings later when the weather is better.

Hope you all have a productive day. Chris  


Exuberant Color said...

I have 6 different varieties of tomato plants in pots and because they aren't in the ground, the tomatoes are smaller and not so many on each plant. I share with two friends and we have been able to keep up with eating all of them. I had only one plant one year and it didn't do well so I had no tomatoes.

Julierose said...

All I had this year was two (gifted to me by a good friend) cucumber plants and since I am the only one here that eats them, I have had plenty of them. My Tante Priscilla (my Dad's sister) used to slice up cucs and salt them down with onions overnight in fridge then use the food mill to grind them up and put them into cottage cheese for a dip--really yummy...I will try this olden type recipe at the end of the growing season. Still fighting off my energy here...ack! hugs, Julierose