Thursday, August 28, 2014


Getting closer to a finish. I started on the last border and hopefully with a little luck today it will be done. I need to get this one wrapped up soon. Tired of handling it.

Weather is suppose to be hot and humid today. I'm sure I will be in and out. Jeff is going to build an awning over the French doors to keep the sun and weather off the inside of the house. We bought the lumber yesterday and it was delivered yesterday afternoon.

Last night I sat here looking at my pins on Pinterest and wondered why I wasn't in sewing. Well never came to a conclusion, but it will happen today.

The laundry is started and the meals are somewhat planned so I need to get some stuff out of the freezer to finish what I want for supper. Sometimes when I'm cooking I plan a little ahead and cook more. That way when I need a meal part of it is already cooked.

The Labor Day weekend is his coming weekend and I should have family come. Thought about cooking on the grill, but it is suppose to be really hot. Plan on doing something easy so no one has to stand out in the heat and cook. Not sure how many are coming yet so will have to try and nail the numbers down soon. Makes a big difference in the amount you cook.  

Sty cool today. Storms are headed our way and we need to get some rain because we are behind on rainfall. Not as bad as others are. Chris

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