Monday, August 18, 2014

Today is not my day again

Yesterday was the shower for the new baby that is coming. It went well and plenty of food for all. We got there early and left late so it was a long day.

Today is a Granddaughter Day. Mom and Dad have an appointment and they need a sitter. So Grandma is going to go to their house. Big brother starts school today so it was easier to go there this time. Should be for only a couple hours but time will tell.

We have to do for the little ones when they need help. She was so tired yesterday and she fought sleep, but I finally got her to rock with me and she ended up taking a 2 hour nap.  To many people and to much going on. She was just wore out.

It is foggy here this morning. First day of school for many of the kids in the area. Suppose to be really hot and humid today.

Thought about taking some sewing with me today, but not sure. Autumn hasn't ever seen me hand sewing. Not sure how that will work with her for the first time. Then if I do drag it along I won't get any sewing done. Have to think this through. I don't really have anything prepped to go.

This morning before I leave have laundry that must be done. All the damp kitchen towels from cooking have to get in the washer this morning. So that is the next order of business here. Have a Great Day Chris

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