Thursday, August 21, 2014

blogging post #1260

Yup..... made this many posts. What have I had to talk about. I guess plenty. Not always a lot to say, but I try.

Contemplated stopping a few times. Frustrations about things going on in my life and it isn't fun. I know a grumble a lot and get frustrated, but I guess it is who I am.

Dedication is not always some thing I can claim. It is a fleeting thing to me. After having sewn for 53 years in some capacity or another it makes me feel like I have evolved into a a different kind of sewer. Garments were my first choice and I don't sew other than hemming or mending any clothing at all anymore.

I'm not doing a lot of major sewing. I'm quilting and yet I'm trying to think ahead as to what I can start. Not something I should be doing. I need to get some finishes done first. Chris

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Katie M. said...

I started out with garment sewing and still enjoy making the occasional garment. I also like making dolls - something not done too often anymore... Other than quilts in my future are Barbie (type) doll clothes for my youngest granddaughter - she even picked out the patterns.
Sometimes, I just like breaking away and doing something different...