Monday, August 11, 2014

I'm here

Got up and sewed for about 2 hours on the HST's quilt. Remember I had a big pleat in the back of it and hand basted to try and get rid of it. Well..... it didn't all go away. I have decided I will hand stitch the pleat down and just use it for our couch. It was going to be a gift, but that won't happen now.

Got a phone call and Autumn is coming this afternoon for a couple hours. Mom has a Dr's appointment and Dad is working. Grandma and Grandpa can handle that.

We were suppose to get rain now that is a big question mark if it even comes this way. School starts in the area some this week and some next week. The kids are getting board. Now bikes are coming up missing. You know they are getting into trouble and bored when it is close to school time. Chris

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Katie M. said...

The young ones are back in school and the youngest started preschool today. So much for a 'baby' in the family. They grow up way too fast!
Kari will go back to college in a couple weeks and it will be quiet once again around here for the most part. Each Saturday for the next few months will be spent at football fields, though....