Friday, August 15, 2014


Yes scary. If you had a go to fabric for backings backgrounds and the best overall fabric to buy in quantity what would it be?

In the past muslin was the go-to fabric, bleached, unbleached and tea dyed. Yes there are some very good quality fabric available now. There are some very good fabrics in solids are out there also. Kona Cotton for one, another is Bella Solids.

I think you can get some good buys and yet what do I buy. I need solids in black, brown and gray. White off white and unbleached are always a good jumping off point for scrap quilts. That way if the laundering isn't especially cared for they blend in. Yes tone on tones work well also, but sometimes solids are the best.

Been searching the web for good buys, but I like to touch and feel before buying. Then the yardage isn't available. I guess touch and feel and go to the web for purchase of yardage. Is there favorite websites to order quality and good prices?

Let me know whee you buy your fabrics from online. Thanks ahead of time. Chris  


Julierose said...

My absolute fave site--where I actually buy --most of my fabrics is "". I like their clearance pages immensely and how they organize their fabrics, too. I have always gotten good quality from them at a reasonabl price. Good luck shopping..hugs, Julierose

Katie M. said...

Because most of my quilts have machine embroidery in then, I tend to lean more toward tone on tone backgrounds. I also really like the white on white fabrics for backgrounds - I like the texture look of it.
For on line shopping, I like and . I've never been disappointed.