Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Yes, I think I can

Getting closer to a finish. I need to focus and get this done. I think I would have some more confidence with a completion. I wound bobbins so I have no excuses. This isn't a hard quilting project, just that I had so many troubles getting it done. 

This is the look of the veggie garden. We pulled the green beans and started a second crop. They are in the center. The gnarly vines on the left are the potatoes and they have to die back before you dig them. To the right is cabbage peppers and tomatoes. We are getting cherry tomatoes and a few smaller regular tomatoes and cucumbers and green peppers. It tastes so good. 

Friday evening I need to start the cooking process for the potato salad and get some of the other salads prepped. I have to buy a few ingredients to assemble the salads. I thought the invite said 4-7 pm and it is 2-7 pm. So I really need to get my cooking done to be able to have every thing chilled. 

The neat thing about this baby shower is the guys are invited and asked to bring a package of diapers. So some single guys will be there and it should be a fun time. Weather is suppose to hold off, but could be warm and humid. 

Pulled pork is going to be cooked for sandwiches and several salads and I think a couple desserts. So plenty for all. 
Take a good look at your sewing room today and see if you can finish something that is my goal today. Chris 

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Julierose said...

Oh good for you on the finishing--I seem to have lost my "mojo" somewhere--now where did it go???
Lovely garden--we are or were in the midst of a drought; but today teeming rain about 3" here. So great to see it actually rain! hugs, Julierose