Monday, August 25, 2014

Center done

Got up early and decided the center was going to be done today. The house was still warm from yesterday. Suppose to be horrible again today. Heat advisory already posted for today. Schools all have an early out.

Quilting this on my domestic machine I had the bulk of it in my lap. To warm to do this late today. I was warm enough doing it this morning. basting threads need to come out and any threads I didn't clip need to be addressed.  

I have an almost 80 inch couch and this does a pretty good job of covering it. The couch quilt I have used is looking pretty worn. So it will get retired for an extra quilt when grandkids come to stay. I think this will do the trick for a new quilt. 

Now the final step. The borders. I'm always afraid of distorting them. I plan on some ditch stitching and then see where I go from there. It feels pretty good to have it this far. I will get some bobbins wound and see how warm the sewing room gets. 

The word on the street is we can have a bad winter again. Colder and more snow. Not looking forward to that at all. Last year was bad enough. Hopefully we don't get the colder weather for awhile. Chris

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