Saturday, August 30, 2014

Slept ok

I said didn't know if we would sleep. I stayed in bed as long as I could. Did to much and woke up to thunder so it will rain off and on today.

Today I should get the borders done on the HST's quilt. I plan on it, but you know how plans go at my house. Jeff has work in the garage to put back all the tools he used and ones that didn't get put away last night because he was to tired.

I need to figure out something for supper. We have grilled and we are a little tired of that for now. Maybe a casserole to change it up some. Meals are not my more favorite thing to figure out anymore.

Today I would love to turn on the music and just let the day happen as it may. So maybe it will be a free day to work through the quilt top and get another pile out of the sewing room. Hopefully you get to do what you want to today. Chris

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