Monday, August 4, 2014

Now there are 25

Yesterday I started with 8 completed blocks. I think I sewed off and on for about 7 hours yesterday. As I would complete a block I would pull the pieces for another. Which sometimes meant I needed to cut a certain color to make it work.

I did a lot of cutting and cleaned up a lot of small pieces that way. Needless to say I should just cut for 7 hours and get more cleaned up. I don't think my shoulders would take it. I pulled a muscle a few weeks back picking up Autumn and it hasn't been right since.

I do need to lay these out and see what colors I need to add. I made a purple combo yesterday and a couple orange ones. I know I have no black or dark gray ones also. I think a couple brown combos need to be added.

Plenty of red and dark greens are already made. It is interesting because I'm adding pieces from other quilters to the mix and it makes it all look so different than the mixture I had before. Also have been adding pieces from the shirts I have purchased. Which reminds me the thrift store I frequent has 50% off weekend coming up at the end of the month. Great time to find good buys.

The thrift store is where I found a lot of quilting fabric also. They are good quality quilting fabric in pieces or strips someone donated. Quite a treasure of small prints for scrap quilting. Keep on sewing today I plan on it. Chris