Friday, June 5, 2015

Back at it

I did what I said I would do. I cut last night as I was watching Bones rerun. So now on track to get some more made.

These two buckets were full of 2.5 inch strips. They all got cut up and placed in the 2.5 inch square tub.

My neighbor came the other day and handed me some fabric she had used for a craft project and it was all cotton so I started cutting it also. 

This tub will keep me in business for a couple days if I strictly sew them up. I still have some left from the sewing I have done here and there the last few days. so I will work them into my selections with the squares in this tub. 

Here is the slicing from the strips that I can't use. Some will be used for crumb blocks. There is just some of it that will be pitched just because it is to small to work with. 

We were supposed to get rain today and now they have taken it out of the forecast. So we will se how far I get with the sewing. Might have to help with some weeds which are starting in the flower beds. All the seeds from the trees just stick in the mulch and we don't need volunteer trees in my flower beds,. Have a good one. Chris

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