Thursday, June 25, 2015

Rough day coming up

Mom has a Doctor's appointment today to get the results of her last test. We are sure of the results, but it is still a blow to here it said out loud. I pray she handles it to the best of her ability.

I am going to her house more to do things and I want my granddaughter to come over the weekend and do some cleaning. I think it would make Mom feel good that she was there to help her.

We dodged a bullet with the storms. They went South of us. We had some rain, but a small amount compared to what they said we would get. Everyone is sick of rain. We need to dry out. The other thing is the crops in the fields are suffering because they are in the tender stage and hey are getting flattened. If corn gets pushed over with running water or driving rain it doesn't stand back up and won't grow.

This afternoon I have an errand I need to do for m son and it has to be done as soon as he calls me so will be sitting by the phone. Always something needing done for someone.
Take care Chris

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