Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Correction made already

See the thread pieces. Well leftovers from correcting the wrong direction on the one block I mentioned before. I must have changed it and left the thread pieces to remind me. The picture was an old picture I had taken earlier before I put it on hold for my strings. 

 Here is the over all picture with four larger blocks sewn together. I look at this and it is a lot of stitching to make all the strings. I think it is really masculine looking so I am going to make it for one of the boys.
Here are some of the smaller string pieces that I have been doing off and on. Takes four of these for every block in the 9-patch blocks. 

I make them on a telephone page foundations. After stitching then with small stitches I sit and rip off the paper while watching TV. It is getting there, but a little at a time. I have enough ready to make one more 9-patch and one already done. I think the bed it will go on is a twin size so we will see how far I get in the next few days. More stitching going on here. Chris

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