Saturday, June 6, 2015

More and more

Many more of these have been chained stitched. I have cleaned out 2- 1 1/4 gallon tubs of cut up squares and working on the third one.  

Stitching cutting apart and pressing have been the process today. 

Here are the ones I had done the other day. There are stacks of 10 in each pile. 

Here are more done. I didn't take a picture of the last batch. I have 194 made up so far. I figured I need 520 of them for the project I want to complete. They are going to take a lot of time so a little here and there and it works out. I had some other pieces from other quilts that needed a section sewn on so I completed those in the middle of this and pressed them also.

I have to buy some fabric to go with two of these project so when I get to the store I will decide the color. They can be solids or tone on tone. Will have to see what appeals to me. I have in mind three colors. tan, gray and black so have to see which strikes me as working.

The next step is quarter square triangle blocks. I think I need about 130 of one size and about 90 of another size. Lots of cutting thread and scraps will be used in this quilt.

It is warm out and we still haven't gotten the rain that they keep saying we are going to get. Not that the mowing has slowed down. Jeff fertilized the yard so it just keeps growing. It hadn't been done for several years and we keep spraying for weeds so we needed to put something back to make it healthy again.

Hope you have a day where you can sew. Chris

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