Monday, June 15, 2015

Pouring rain

We got a pouring rain today. We had 3 inches in 72 hours and today we got 3 inches this afternoon. 1.75 inches in 30 minutes. The ditch soon after this picture was clear up to the side walk.

The road was a river and it was coming out of the fields and all the mud from it is now in the streets. My flower beds were overflowing.

 This is out my front door which is on a patio. It was water running down the street pouring into my drive and down my patio. It was running three inches deep and you can see the ripples as it was really moving.
Katie was standing at the back door watching it rain. 

Autumn had to go and stand to watch for Daddy. She was playing big sister she didn't want Katie to get the lock unlocked. To cute. Chris

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