Saturday, June 27, 2015

One Bobbin's worth of thread

Last night I posted a blog post about sewing and 6 hours of quilting. I don't have that kind of time. So last night I sewed for an hour. I got up and sewed for about 90 minutes this morning. It was one bobbin's worth of thread. 

For 2.5 hours I made 85 4-patches. I think it was productive. Even though I didn't get anything finished it works towards getting  parts of a quilt made. I at least am getting some of this fabric sewn up and put to a use even though it isn't done. 

Today is a day to clean some at my Mother's and then I can come home and get some things done here. Maybe I will get some more sewing done also. 

On these busy I need to get some more planned meals prepared. My husband doesn't like crockpot cooked food. His Father thought crockpots would cause food poisoning so it wasn't used other than for pork and beans. He felt it wasn't hot enough to kill off germs and bacteria.

He thinks everything has the same flavor and he refuses to at it. So I need to get creative and figure out meals that can be assembled easily. If I can cook part of a meal in the slow cooker and then assemble it with other things maybe I can get by with it, Have to try. 

Hope you can plan your day and get things done. Chris 

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