Friday, June 26, 2015

Trying to absorb everything

Yesterday was a pins and needles day for me. Two things were going on and it left me with a strong urge to run away and not face either one.

My Mother had a follow up with the Oncologist and the news wasn't good. So we start a different direction as of Monday. When your own mortality is facing you it is emotional.

My son has been in foreclosure with his house for 9 years. Yes I said 9 years. It finally is coming to a finish. Good news the Mortgage company can't believe he beat them. It was one of the fraudulent mortgages and he has caught these attorney's with all of their screw ups and he was awarded the house in a default on their part.  There is some money that will have to be paid to satisfy the transaction, but it has been stressful and now his house will be his. No moving.

One more good thing happened. My son is a firefighter and a fire service instructor. He passed a very tough test on Firefighter 3 and a Hazmat test so now he is certified to train these courses. This is a big feather in his cap.

Firefighting is like a medical degree you have to have so many training hours a year to keep your status even with a volunteer department.

Today is an early call with a test for my Mother and then we have the rest of the day to do as we please. Monday a to-go bag will be needed. I have a three hour wait during a procedure for my Mother. I think some mini hexies might be the thing to do. Chris

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