Monday, June 8, 2015

Small Spaces

Small spaces are what I have. I have an 8 ft X 11 ft room. I do have some counter space for machines. I have portable tables for cutting, but other than that it is a mess all the time. 

This is counter tops that came from a hospital makeover. This was left over stuff. It is Herman Miller counter top and really sturdy. We cut it down to fit the space. I do the bulk of the power sewing in this corner. 

If I had a larger space I don't think I would be as happy because I would feel compelled to keep it neat. 

My husband is judgemental at times and yet he doesn't complain to much. He did tell a friend he didn't think it would take over the whole house as it has. I  do hand working in the living room, but I do pick it up every few days. Now because there is a TV with ROKU on it in the kitchen I do cut out there. I do it in the evening and the next morning, but then I pick it up. The kitchen is the first place you walk into at my house. We don't use the front entrance very much. 

No matter how much space you have we always use other spaces in our house. Your favorite space is the main space, but if you are spread out do you feel guilty? I know I do. But we have batteries for the weed eater and leaf blower on the counter in the kitchen. Does this count that I am not the only one who uses all parts of my house. Remember if you have a partner they use the house in their own way also. Chris  


Rebecca said...

Guilty is not as much fun as feeling Quilty.
(Well the spelling works for me)
I tried guilty for a couple of days, been doing Quilty for 40 + years... Its easy to see which one I prefer. And yes I do spread out. Made a deal with the hubby some 40 years ago that I would not bitch about his projects in space and time and the garage and he would do the same for me in the house. One time ( a long long time ago) I did need room to do something in the garage and I cleaned it top to bottom side to side for a wood working idea I had... the next time I got the urge to use the garage again he bought me a new (and at the time ) very expensive sewing machine to side track me.

Katie M. said...

a messy work room is sign of a creative mind at work - that's my story and I'm sticking to it!
My little 3 bedroom house is now a little one bedroom house! As the kids moved out, I took over their rooms. One room houses my 'office space' and sewing machines. The other room houses the quilter and my fabric & yarn. The only time I spread out to other areas of the house is when I'm cutting garments out (or if I'm knitting). I do very little hand sewing.
As for guilt - nope, not for one second. Hubby has a huge work shop/garage and at least half the back yard for his work space!