Sunday, June 14, 2015

Today is another day

Had to keep my mind busy yesterday. Things are spiraling with my Mother and her illness is getting worse. We went to the Doctor last Wednesday and he looked to me like you know it is getting worse,  but didn't say it to her. Even though you mentally are aware of the outcome it still hits you between the eyes. 

So I had to work on something and didn't have enough thread to machine stitch the pinned quilt top so
I dug out strips and 4-patches and made some more of these Courthouse Step/4-patch blocks. 

I think I still need about 20 more blocks to be the size I want it to be. 
With all the stuff I had cut I only cut two strips for variety. 9 blocks to add to the length of the smaller top that is assembled. It needs to be longer and have a drop off of the top of the bed. Originally it was planned as a couch quilt now will be a queen size.

Today is another day and I have to keep my mind directed towards staying focused. I have to be accountable for myself and family and can't fall apart yet. Not an easy task. I laid awake last night and my mind was on overload. I decide I would live each day as it comes or each hour as we progress through this process. Not the most fun time in my life. Trying to make the most of each day from here on out.

Hope you have a good day. Chris


Frog Quilter said...

Feeling your distress. Been there... Hugs.

Katie M. said...

Sorry to read about the progression of your mother's illness. Sending you a cyber ((((hug)))).