Friday, June 12, 2015

Checking size

This is the POTC quilt top I talked about. I have one border sewn on and some applique going on. I need to get this done. This will be a hand quilted quilt. The 30's colored green blocks make it look old. 

This is laying on the deck of the queen size bed. It needs about 30 more blocks to be the size I want. Doable!

This maybe will need 40 blocks they are smaller blocks when seen. Doable also. I guess get the strips and the squares out and start stitching. I have the 9-patches made to work on this one just need to make the star 9-patches. This one might go faster. Pays to make extra blocks and have in reserve. 

The first 4-patches in the Courthouse Steps are stitched already and the strips are cut so which do I start with? Chris

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