Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Little drama yesterday

Mom had her PET Scan yesterday and I took this along to work on. It was over 2 hours long and I needed to be doing something. I got done about 20 minutes before her test was over with.

Then I got summoned to go into one of the offices. She was sitting there crying and I asked what was wrong. Well she said she was having chest pains. They took her BP and it was normal. The nurse went to go get the Dr. and I told her to take a couple deep breaths and she started to get some relief. 

She was having a panic attack. Dr. didn't think she was in bad shape or he would have called and ambulance. So he said if she gets worse to go to the ER. As we drove home she was much more relaxed and we went home and got her meds and she ate something. She was fine. 

As a kid my Mother would get uptight about things and even noises would set her off. I guess I could tell the symptoms and knew what was going on. 

Last night I went and got her something to eat which was her favorite fast food meal and she ate it all and took her medicine and was fine.  So I don't wish panic attacks on anyone, because they feel real.

Today we have another storm coming and they are predicting another 3 plus inches for our area. I don't know where all the rivers and creeks will put it other than on the fields and flooding everywhere. We are to get winds up to 75 miles per hour. Not a fun day. 

I have to get some errands done today before it starts. So off to get my day going and get home before the worst hits. Chris

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Rebecca said...

Given everything your mother has been going thru lately a panic attack is not a surprise at all I think...