Monday, June 22, 2015

Woke up thinking Focus

Last night while watching TV cut some of my 2.5 inch strips to 2.5 inch squares. I need the variety when the stitching mood hits me.

This is more strips that are waiting. I really need to get control of all this stuff. Focusing is something I have an issue with. I have such a fear of leaving all this stuff unsewn. I have visions of all of it going to the landfill as my son so often reminds of what will happen with it. 

Today will be a day of prep time. Need to have handwork to take with me tomorrow. I have 2 hours of sitting in a waiting room. 

I wanted to show you this piece of fabric. It is 6 yards long, but only 36 inches wide. I washed it because it had a storage smell to it. It didn't bleed any. I was worried about that because of the age. It is finely woven and an unusual print and shades of white to gray. Not sure how I will use it, but something that has survived from the 50's I am sure. 

I did get a piece of white linen almost 7 yards of it and it is 58 inches wide. I think it will be a tablecloth when I get around to making it. I have a tablecloth I got 28 years ago from my MIL for a wedding gift. It has sen a lot of use and needs replacing. 

You just never know what kind of treasures you can find in going to rummage sales. I am sure I will never find things again like I did the other day. 

Suppose to be very hot and humid today. Later today I will take some more pictures of the trunk. He is almost done with it. It is so neat and will come in handy. Take care Chris 

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