Sunday, June 7, 2015

Stitching again today

First off ignore the date. I thought I had it set and it wasn't. Well there are now 204 4-patches. I need 56 more for the first project and 260 for the second project. This morning early and last night I cut more pieces for this quilt. I got a lot cut up, but need so much more to get this to be complete. Long term sewing project. 

While I was cutting I had odd shapes but big enough pieces to make the HST's. Then I stitched a few together. I have more pieces ready to stitch the final blocks, but my back was screaming at me so I had to move. We have heavy rain in the areas and it doesn't like my arthritis.

This block ha a lot of small pieces in it. They are only 7 inches square when done. Lots of bias edges and small seams so a lot to press and figure out which way seams will go. I need about 60 of these. If I do more then it will be a larger quilt. I have string piecing going on all the time to make these strips of the blocks. Many times if I have 15 minutes I will stitch strings to get this block farther. 

I know the cutting is my least favorite thing to do when sewing. Even when I made garments for others I hated cutting out patterns. The rotary cutter has saved my hands from scissors, but it is still cutting out. I can stitch all day long with out any problem if it is ready I'm ready. 

So there are several things in the works, but this way I don't get bored. I do like to cut several things that are in the works and then the stitching can be done. 

Next month the wedding work has to start. The wedding is the first of August so I want to allow plenty of time. So the more I get stitched and cleaned up in there the better I will feel. 

Rain like crazy here and going to get breakfast out of the way. Chris

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