Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hate to say it but........

Well first day of my plan failed. We had several things going on and stress hit the high point. Today the girls are coming and tomorrow is family day.

My Aunt is here and my cousins and my sister is coming so we will get together for lunch and visit. We haven't sen y cousins since their Mother passed. So it will be a gab fest I'm sure.

Today my son has to be in court over his older kids and Talea has a part time job she has to go to. The girls will be here about 5 hours. She has an appointment to be at and then pick up the girls on her way home.

So today I am going out to help my husband put weed and feed on the yard. I know means more mowing when the grass grows, but the grass is not healthy anymore so we need to fertilize and the clover is taking over so get rid of it in the process.

I plan on trying to get something more done in the sewing room, but time will tell if it happens. I'm wanting to be there, but not enough hours in the day. LOL Chris

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