Sunday, June 14, 2015

Need 18 more

Making good progress. This is laying on a Queen sized bed. I still need 18 more blocks to make this work for the size I need. 

This is a stash buster quilt. Trying to find enough neutrals and light colors as well as color saturated strips. I make two at a time with chain piecing. I need to address some color shortages today. I need some more yellows and golds today. I am short on these colors.

This will be Autumn's big girl bed. She has a platform bed and needs something to cover with a short drop because of drawers under the platform. So here is hoping in the next couple days I can get these all done and pieced into the top. I have backing for it so all I might need is batting. I have pieces and also a full twin size batting and they are all 80/20. I will measure before I open the twin batting. I can run to the store and get a bigger batt.

I normally use Hobbs 80/20 batts and order them from Connecting Thread when they are on sale, but Wal-mart carries Fairfield batt which are good batts also. They just aren't always on sale. So after I get it all sewn together measuring is in order.

Need to make a dinner and take into my Mom today. Thought about a small meatloaf and baked potato. She likes that and she doesn't make it for herself. I can take it in and place it in the oven at her house and she can have a hot meal in about 45 minutes.

Going to get meat out of the freezer while I think about it. Her sister is leaving today and she knows it maybe will be the last time she sees her. Tough reality. Chris

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