Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mind you light wasn't real good

This is the latest redo job that my husband has taken on. We found it at a yard sale for $15 and stripped the inside out because of the smell. We bought cedar wood to redo the inside. 

The paint on the metal is called hammered copper and black. He stained the wood strips and will have a coating of varnish on it to protect it.  

The holes on the side are for straps. They were damaged and missing, but the end caps were there so we got leather belting for the straps and they will go on before the interior is done because of the screws going through the wall of the trunk. they will be covered over by the cedar on the inside. He also wants to make a removable tray for the inside top of it. I imagine it was a turn of the last century trunk, but it still had the metal rollers on the bottom and the metal wasn't rusty. 

Today was a Doctor's appointment again and the news isn't good. Something is going on and it isn't an infection. So we will get a pet scan ordered and go through with it. I am sure I didn't spell that right, but you know what I mean. 

Time is running out and I am spending more time at her house. We will get through it, but it is one day at a time now. Chris 

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