Friday, June 26, 2015

Does it ever get any better?????

It never gets any better. I read a blog today and was sitting there with my mouth open. This blogger Tim Latimer was talking about his garden and his recent purchase of the neighboring house for his quilting studio. He has been working in the yard and also decorating and setting up his studio. This is what my mouth flew open over. He said he misses his 6 hours a day that he quilts and he needed to get back to doing that. Where do people find 6 hour to quilt? I was on the road at 6:10 am this morning and that wasn't my first time to town today. I can't find 20 minutes some days or I am so tired I can't make myself go sew, but if you had a sewing room that looked like this you would quilt either.  

I have bobbins wound I did 12 of them the other day when I ran out. I did get thread to machine quilt the Wonky Star quilt also and yet I haven't set foot in there. 
This is where I ran out of bobbin thread the othe day and I need to get back in there and make 12 more 4-patch Courthouse Step blocks. Then I will have enough for the queen sized top. 

I don't think there is anything special on TV tonight. I think Netflix and myself will get set up and work on these blocks. 

I guess I am not disciplined enough to get something done. I know I sound like a broken record and I more than likely not disciplined. Have to work on that short coming I have. Maybe tomorrow I will address it. I sound like Scarlet O'Hara dealing with it tomorrow. 

My Mother's Doctor's appointment wasn't good, but we will move forward and get the most out of life while she is here.  I need to go in tomorrow and do some cleaning. Then she spilled something in the oven and
I need to clean it up. I hate cleaning an oven just look at mine and you can tell. Have a good one. Going to see if I can find an extra 6 hours in my day. LOL. Chris

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Katie M. said...

Different people, different routines... You're a caregiver to your Hubby, you're there for your mom, you babysit your g-kids - I'd say you have a very good reason to not be spending 6 hours in your sewing room!
I am a very routined person as far as what (and how) I maintain my house and when something happens that interrupts that routine, it throws my whole day off and I have to regroup and rearrange my day. Sounds goofy, I know, but it's just what works for me. As for time spent in the sewing room, there are days I could easily be in there for 6 hours and times I might not make it in for days on end...
As for the condition of my sewing room - when I'm in a creative faze, it's a disaster. But that's the advantage of having that designated space, I can walk away and leave it as is. Once I get my projects organized, though, I try to put the 'extra' away.