Friday, June 19, 2015

Great buys

I hit a rummage sale and did I do good or not. 

This is an old top that this lady made. The fabrics aren't great, but it is old.

This is a table runner size and hand pieced. This is really old fabrics.  

Packaged battings were a $1 a piece. 

 This is one bag of pieces. some are big enough for backs. Some are scraps and some 1-2 yard pieces.
Here is three more bags of the same. This elderly lady quilted and she got ill and passed away. Her daughters were going to sew, but never did. There was a lot of off white and white solid fabrics and tone on tones. Most of these pieces are 3-4 yards. 

The total fabric price I paid was are you ready for this $29 for all of it. The boxes they were in were the size of a big rectangle laundry basket all folded up and neatly stacked. So they were full. For scrap quilting it is all perfect. 

At the same sale they had 10 tables of children's clothing. All for fifty cents a piece. Found another stroller and some sandals for Autumn. I never went to any other sale, but went to this one three times. Jeff went back with me and he is trying to buy a walk behind snow blower. so we are waiting on a call for it. Not needed this time of year, but a good buy when somebody wants to get rid of a big piece out of their garage. So we reaped the Mother load on this sale. 

Going to go sort now and see how far I get with all these treasures. Chris  

Update got the snow blower bought. It gets delivered tomorrow. 

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Katie M. said...

Yep, looks like you hit the 'mother lode'! I very rarely hit something that nice but when I do, I love going through all the treasures.