Monday, June 8, 2015

To-do list got bigger or should I say longer

All of these pictures are from The "Keepsake Quilting" catalog that recently came. They are very attractive to me and I would like to add them to my to do list. LOL I just noticed the date is still wrong. Have to look into that.  

This is very masculine looking which I like to find quilts for the guys. Sometimes they isn't as easy to find.

 This is masculine also in my book, but very country looking also. The gray and plaids struck me. If you could find flannel for this it would be cuddle worthy.
This is just striking. The colors are crisp against the neutral background. This would go fast also because of the big blocks. 

All of these are possibles for my to-do list. Some are kits and some you can buy the patterns. Will I make them? I do not know. Maybe not for awhile. I need to concentrate on what I have going. 

I always like to look at new things that are shown. Many times they are old patterns, but just shown in different colors combinations. 

Your color choices would be different than mine I am sure. I like the rich jewel tones and the country look. Some of you are into modern colors like grays and bright greens, bright blues. They are your favorite. 

Do you look at the samples and like or do you look at the design and decide on the colors you like?

Many times a different color palate makes a quilt look so different. Look outside the box and envision it in your favorite colors the traditional patterns become new to you in your favorite colors. 

The last quilt picture in your minds eye can you see gray, reds oranges, bright greens, and electric blue? I can and it would look so much different than the traditional look it has here. Put on your rose colored glasses and see what you come up with. Chris

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