Friday, June 5, 2015

Today didn't turn out the way I expected

I got a email early this morning can you watch the girls. So I met them half way and got two girls for the afternoon. Most of the time they napped.

Since they were sick Kate hasn't wanted to eat. so today Autumn wanted a cold hot dog and Kate thought it was interesting. I peeled the skin off and broke off pieces and she was smacking her lips. She ate 3/4 of a cold hot dog and loved it. I told my son he was feeding her the wrong things.

Kids amaze me when they don't want something there is nothing you can do, but she really wanted this treat to her today.

Sewing hasn't happened. I got the cutting done this morning and then nothing after that. Dishes are done and the grill cleaned and put away. So maybe I will go do a few seams.

I have been watching things on You Tube. It is amazing how much is on there. Quilting videos and things I never thought would be there are. I am going to see if some of the HGTV episodes are available. WE don't have paid TV. We just have an antenna. We haven't had pay TV for years.

Well take care and enjoy your evening. Chris  

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