Friday, June 12, 2015

Dug out a backing fabric

Bought this a while back on a 40% off coupon. It is enough for the backing for this quilt or almost enough. I think I am going to do the center in one piece and then do the borders in sections. 

This is a border that was started on the POTC quilt I got out today. Need to do some  more applique on it and get this one done also. I modified the size of the individual patches and made them smaller to make this floral border.

 As you can see they are not quite enough to finish off this larger border. I think some swags of ribbon will have to be added or vine like extras with more flowers on the vines. Work in progress and no plans as to how it will look.
The selvedge off od the backing fabric I tie and roll into a ball. My husband uses them in the yard to tie up plants or tie hoses and wire together to hang them up. It works and why throw it away. Well off topress backing and get this thing pinned. Chris

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