Tuesday, July 15, 2014

3.5 hours of sewing and trimming

To start with I had problems with the light the vintage sewing machine was giving me. So when at the Lumberyard/hardware store I found this little flashlight. It is LED light. Was $1.99 I hooked it to a spot on my sewing machine and boy do I have the light now. It takes 3 AAA batteries. No electricity so no cord. Also if you go to retreat and don't have good light this is an alternative.  

Remember the gallon bag with scraps that were sewn together end for end. This is the last of the pieces chain stitched on the long side ready to be trimmed and cut into segments. I finished the remake this morning. 
Here I need to cut apart and try to get them trimmed.

After trimming and segmenting and resewn together they made 145 2.5 inch squares. This is quite a few for a couple hours of sewing. Yes they are small, but they can be used for corner stones or borders. I also have half a container of smaller pieces I can trim and cut to make 2-patches of the 4-patches that would be all different. Next goal is to get that all cleaned up. Then my $1.50 bag of scraps are worth something to me. Yes I have time involved, but I didn't have to buy all  the fabric at original price. 

I read a blog where someone went to a thrift store and bought 4 totes full of fabric and only paid $4. So bargains are out there. Plus think of your blogging friends and pass off your cast offs. Everyone's got a friend who likes to fiddle with small stuff. Paying forward. Thanks to my friend. Shge knows who she is. Chris  

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