Sunday, July 27, 2014

Shed is done

The roof is done. The humidity is so thick you can cut it with a knife today. Therefore I don't think we will be out for very much time. The roof looks great. It is a saltbox shaped shed so the back is larger than the front. 

As I was walking around to take pictures I
wanted you to see what 6 tomato plants looked like on the end of the shed. They have gone mad this year. We added crushed egg shells to the soil when we planted and it has made a difference. I will be canning a ton as soon as they get ripe.
Here is the front. I really like the look. We have to match all the building roofs on our property according to the rules.  

These are different then the 3-tab shingles that were put on it. They are made to look like shake shingles. It is a brown with a gray mixed in. The look is a lighter brown that way and will reflect the light instead of absorbing it like the black ones did. 

Through out doing this Autumn has been here. She took one nap yesterday and out in the heat off and on. She sat in my lap and was asleep after 5 minutes last night. We ate and I gave her a bath and she is still out almost 12 hours later. She was busy. 

She tried to figure out how to climb the extension ladder and I called a halt to that. She was fighting mad over that. She wanted to be on the roof with Papa. 

I made biscuits and gray last night. I made homemade biscuits and browned ground pork and cooked it with onion, black pepper and some salt and made pan gravy. She could shovel it in fa\st enough. Grandpa liked it to. I made the biscuits earlier and when the pork and gravy were finished I ladled it over the top. Easy meal, but really tasty. Have some left over for today. Stay cool Chris

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