Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Maybe back in the groove

Yesterday my goal was to clean kitchen and I did get that done, but as far as sewing that didn't happen. I did help with pulling weeds and getting rid of the debris. Yes it was hot out, but we worked on the shaded area of the yard and there was a breeze. So now that the hard work is done I started sewing. 

I woke up just before 4 am and decided to get moving. I needed to get some 9-patches I had started finished and pressed. Cleaned up that mess and moved onto starting to stitch these blocks together. They are the dancing 9's. This is a Bonnie Hunter method and I used larger squares and sashing strips. Still took a ton of sewing and I'm not done yet. The larger four patches are getting ready to be pieced into rows. By today's end I hope to have a flimsy complete. I don't think I have anything pressing today unless some unforeseen happens. Heaven forbid though. 

I think I have been sleeping wrong. I have a muscle in my neck and shoulder area that is screaming at me. I got a sharp shooting pain in it several days ago and it still hurts. Probably a pinched nerve. Awful to have so many aches and pains. 

Need to figure out meals today and I'm at a stand still over something different. I should check to see if any sweet corn is ready. We have a local fruit stand that sells it and I'm thinking today would be a good day to get some. Maybe hamburgers on the grill and sweet corn. 

My vacuum is still sitting out. I should run it through the rest of the house, but not sure that will happen today. My husband isn't up yet so will see what his plans are and go from there. If he is outside doing something I can clean some more. Then I can concentrate on getting this top done. Before I know it it will be time to pick beans again. Chris  

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Julierose said...

Have you seen the way "Fun With Barb" (blogspot) does her 9-patches? I tried two today and it seems easier to match up tose corners. One came out really well and the other not so much--but that's probably just me. I love 9-patches and yours look so colorful....hugs, Julierose