Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Heat indexes are 108F degrees

Have done a lot of odds and ends. Went for gas and and mailed a belated birthday card. Cleaned out the coffee pot. Did some hand stitching ready for more binding to take along tomorrow. Two loads of laundry done. I think everything is ready to be gone tomorrow. There are leftovers for my husband to eat and it is suppose to be cooler tomorrow.

Supper is cooking now. Salad and a ham steak. I cut mine up on the salad and have everything in one bowl. I just turned on a light in the house to see what I was typing.

No real sort of sewing has been done. Tonight is all reruns on TV so maybe I will go in and try to clean a little to get ready to sew after I get home tomorrow.

My Mom made out so well with the last surgery all I had to do was drive her back to the office the next day to get her eye checked. It is amazing they can do this surgery as out patient and be home 45 minutes after surgery.

Stay safe if you are having storms and try and stay cool. Chris

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