Thursday, July 24, 2014


Not had a couple good days personally. Nothing is physically wrong, but I'm in a slump.

I feel like a firefighter constantly putting out fires and not getting it all done. The bank isn't doing the right thing with my Mother's accounts. I can't please my sister over information about my Mother. A bill that I thought would go down didn't even though I cancelled part of it. Pro-rating it for a couple months. Insurance is not fair. Never enough money to do the things you need to do let alone the things you want to do.

My Mother said there would be those days, but she never told me there would be this many. I know find something else to do, but easier said than done sometimes.

I think reality has hit me in the face and I'm not liking what is going on. A neighbor died on Monday and he lost his wife just 20 days prior. Is there any justice for all the sad things in life.

You open the webpage and all the air accidents and the shootings in public places. Children dying in hot car needlessly. Why?     Chris

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Julierose said...

Oh Chris, I'm sad that this has been a bad week for you; I have been there with my Mom and her issues--especially with dementia and dealing with all the rigamarole. Just remember, it has to get Grand'mere used to say to me when I got low (yes, even as a child I had those issues!) "Just get up and decide inside that you will be ok." It does help. Hang in and know that good thoughts are winging your way...hugs, Julierose