Friday, July 18, 2014

Yesterday and today

Little feet in big shoes. All kids do it. She thought it was neat to step into Grandpa's shoes. 

The dancing 9's are stitched into 4-patches. Now comes the lay out to see if they look good together. I finished these this morning.

The mini 4-patches all cut and trimmed and sewn and pressed. This is the bag the scraps came in and they look a lot different than when I got them. They were all sewn funny and also not a true 1.5 inches. Now they can be used as cornerstones for sashing on other blocks. This bag was marked $3 and I got it for $1.50. It took some work, but was all good quality fabric. So worth the effort. 

6 shirts cut up and piles of fabric to be cut up. This is the next project. Maybe will get to them this afternoon. We have beans that need picking this morning. I'm sure that will be a large pick also. Going to French cut some of them to can. I bought a french cutter last year and it works well to cut them up for French cut Beans.  

These are my latest garage sale finds. The chicken is a $3 find and the crate we will not discuss the price I had the wooden eggs. It is sitting on my hearth. Hope you have a great day. Chris

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Pam said...

Awww! I remember my daughter scuffing around the house like that :) And I love all of the patches you've been making - that was a lot of work but now they're all ready to go! I bought a "stained glass" rooster lamp a few years ago - not a cute as your little clucker, but still fun!